Group Programmes:

The Change:

This is a 6 week course helping traumatised women to understand and recover from the impact of domestic abuse. It looks at breaking the cycle of abuse by exploring what makes a relationships abusive. It works to increase confidence, enhance coping skills and self-esteem through sharing knowledge and peer learning. The course has been developed using input and feedback from our clients.


The course is a free to any woman who has been affected by an abusive relationship, those truamatised, whether they have left or are still living with an abusive partner.


What are it’s aims?


  • To help women identify and understand domestic abuse.
  • To understand the effects and impact on children.
  • To enable women to spot the warning signs for future relationships.
  • To help women gain self-esteem and the confidence to improve the quality of their lives.
  • To give women the knowledge and tools to live a safer and happier life, free from abuse.
  • To empower women to break the cycle of abuse.

Positive Image, Feel Great:

This is a fun small group based weekly mental wellbeing workshops and physical activity programme  aimed to support and empower women who are too stress due to life changes or personal circumstances in setting achievable individual goals.  Group sessions are held every Monday at 10.00am to 12.00pm, facilitated by professional trainers.

Topics covers include; stress management, self-awareness, and confidence building and works to support individual with practical support to access available local services.